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Matthew 10:8

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The work of The Apologetics Group is primarily supported by the gifts of patrons and supporters. If you’ve been blessed by our work, please consider partnering with us financially as we do the research, writing and production work necessary to produce quality apologetical tools in a wide-range of cultural, scientific and theological/metaphysical arenas.

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Most of the materials The Apologetics Group writes is posted for anyone to use at no cost. In addition, many of the videos we produce and are producing—at no little cost by the way—are also posted, all or in-part, for free access on various online channels.

Such is the nature of our modern, digital, online world. While it can make it harder to make a living through this kind of work, it does create a new universe of possibilities for reaching untold millions with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Why the All the Eights in the Donor Amount Options?

Well, we figured it was better than using sixes. Seriously, we wanted something memorable and very achievable for most people, especially at the Advocate level.

While far too much is made of Bible codes, numerology, signs in the sky and other esoteric knowledge by many Christians today, there, nevertheless, remains some place for them in scripture. 666 is one good example—and you can learn what we believe wisdom points to in relation to it in the upcoming podcast interview with Jay Rogers (as well as the video he worked with Eric on, The Beast of Revelation: Identified.)

But 888 is even more significant, even though it’s not explicitly stated in scripture. Over and against the fullness of fallen, self-referential-and-actualizing mankind as represented by the Beast 666, we have the ideal, perfect man (the new or last Adam as Paul describes him in 1 Cor. 15) in Jesus, the Christ—the Son of God and Son of man. And it just “so happens” that the numeric value of “Jesus” in Koine Greek (the language of the time) is 888. And while this is not the place to develop all the possible significance of that number, one huge takeaway is that “8” is commonly understood to represent “new beginnings” or “resurrection.” Three of them represent the Trinity or “divine completion.” And let’s not forget that Jesus arose on the eighth day, the first day of the new creation week. And later the same day, breathed on his disciples and kicked off the redeemed race of man.

We here at TAG strive be “chips off the old block,” 888 men and women so to speak. And while we don’t believe the number has any magical powers (God forbid!), we do love the symbolism.

Thanks for your prayers and support!