The Trumpet Sounds…with Wah-Wah Effect

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FlagTrumpetPlungerIt’s possible that 2016 will go down as the most bizarre, polarizing, conventional-wisdom-shattering presidential election in our nation’s two hundred and forty year history. It has brought together so much in the way of synchronicities, oddballs, schisms, drama, corruption, scandals, pratfalls and fodder for conspiracy theorists, that if it were written up as the backdrop for a novel of political intrigue, the manuscript would likely be rejected as being just too unbelievable.

For the Christian who knows God and has at least a passing familiarity with His ways, it is very clear—as I have noted elsewhere—that in all this preposterousness, a divine trumpet is being sounded. The Lord of Hosts is getting the Church’s and our nation’s attention.

What is He saying?

Well, that depends on one’s presuppositions. Or to phrase it in the language of modern physics, Where you are standing and how fast you are going.

From my personal perch, a few things are as obvious as the collapsed wave function that is my hand in front of my face.

1. Seriously, these are our two choices—our two offerings to America’s posterity? If this is the best we’ve got, we ain’t got much. We’re running on empty, my friends.

2. Relatedly, the experiment in Christian liberty that is America has gone very wrong. Nutty professor kind of wrong.

3. Collectively we have gotten an “F” on our “yuge” civics project for the World’s Fair. Our noses are being rubbed in our dirty diaper. Mixed metaphors are starting to make sense.

4. Hypocrisy, thy name is America.

5. Our two-party, money laundering political system? How’s that working for us?

6. There’s not much salt left in the American church. And the jackbooted heels of man are getting ready to tap-dance even faster on our faces.

7.  The twin idol-towers of personal peace and affluence will not be torn down of our own accord. The One who rides on the clouds is likely going to have to send—or more properly allow—two transports laden with a wide variety of explosives to tear them down for us. (For the literalists who will read this, I am invoking a metaphor here that has nothing to do with literal buildings or a literal airplane.)

God is sovereign, just and merciful. As He does His “strange work”, we must remember that it is but for a season. (Isaiah 28:14-29) Oh, he will plow and harrow and thresh. But then He will sow and bring forth a new harvest of righteousness. The mustard plant, if but by fits and starts, will prosper. Slowly, incrementally but surely, the knowledge and reign of the Lord will cover the land mass we call North America—as well as the rest of the world—even as the waters cover the seas.

Thus sayeth the Lord.

It’s time to put your boots on, Christian. It’s time to gird up your loins and mind with truth and to beat your plowshare into a sword.

In one manner or another, it’s time to die.

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roscoe heath

You may be right preacher. We shall see