Among the topics we are working on, in no particular order of production:
  1. When the Bible Gets Ugly: Making Sense of the Troubling Passages in the Old Testament
  2. All the World’s a Stage: Looking at Genesis 1&2 from a Playwright’s Perspective
  3. Sexual by Design: The Wonder of the Two…and the Two Becoming One
  4. When the Levee Breaks: The Consequences of Normalizing Gender and Sexual Confusion
  5. The Real Jesus, Part II : The Cross and Resurrection
  6. A Total Eclipse for the Son (This is a smaller project that more fully develops the ideas and imagery found in the blog by the same name. It also ties in to Day 4 as explored in All the World’s a Stage.)
  7. The Mystery of Free Will

Eric Holmberg


TAG’s founder, Eric Holmberg, will be conducting interviews with various, interesting people. These will cover a range of topics and will be streamed on venues such as YouTube, through the TAG website, and elsewhere. Interview topics in the works include TAG member Jay Roger’s soon-to-be-published commentary on the Book of Daniel. And Jim Gilbert will be weighing in on his and Terry Law’s book on Islam as well as his thoughts on Iraq and a Kurdish state.