WANTED: Sexually Faithful Men

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PurityI’m presently working on a series of articles and videos concerning the sea-change taking place in the West relative to sexual and gender mores. To this end, I’m looking to interview Christian husbands who have been faithful regarding their own sexual integrity.

Now people can and do define this standard differently. Relative to the task at hand, I am using the following standard:

1. Premaritally, you abstained from all forms of genital contact with another person.

2. As a married man there have been zero erotic interactions with anyone other than your wife. You have also never looked at pornography (“soft” like lingerie advertisements and, of course “hard”) to the point of stimulation/masturbation.

If this honestly describes you, I would deeply appreciate your confidential feedback on a couple of questions. If you are willing, please contact me via email me at sexualmores@gmail.com. And please feel free to forward this message to others you think may be interested.

(As an important aside, if the statistics I read are correct, the majority of Christian men who read this will not qualify. If you have godly sorrow about your “falling short” in this regard and are actively taking steps to “practice righteousness” (1 John 3:7), know there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Rom. 8:1). Do NOT let the enemy or your own sense of shame keep you from experiencing God’s complete love, forgiveness and acceptance — as well as His power to overcome. Every son of Adam struggles with one or more “besetting sins” in their life. Some by a peculiar combination of nature, nurture, marriage and God’s grace don’t have to fight the temptations of sexual sin as much as others. The only, true Judge of the earth knows. He will sort it all out. He will do right. (Gen. 18:25))

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