When the Curtain Lifts

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Lifting the VeilThere are moments in life when a smattering of events suddenly lock into synchronous orbit, ever so slightly lifting the curtain that divides the temporal from the eternal and granting us a deeper glimpse into the Mystery:

All the world is truly a stage and each of us are players.

And for those who through grace have become acquainted with the Playwright, the fog of life’s seeming randomness, with its attendant pain and suffering, also clears a bit. An aspect of the deeper plot is revealed. From quarks to galaxies, seconds to seasons—the flash of sudden awareness of God’s sovereign knowledge and power ignites awe, joy and worship.

All things truly do in the end work together for the good of those who love, and are loved, by God. And virtually everything is working together towards His purposes.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, there are also those occasions when these synchronicities coalesce into a warning, the sense that God is getting our attention because something is seriously wrong and needs to be addressed.

The fact that America is facing what for most people is a binary choice—Clinton or Trump?—could very well be just such a prophetic moment.

The trillion dollar question is: What exactly is the Holy Spirit saying to the Church—and secondarily to America—in this hour?

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